MOCA StoryMap

From Me to We

The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) is mapping the Chinese American experience — one story at a time. Through the online MOCA StoryMap, the museum is gathering the stories and images of Chinese Americans across the country. Inspired and nourished by the unique stories of the Chinese American experience, the StoryMap is part of MOCA’s mission to promote democratic story-telling and life-long learning. From journeys that span the continents to a personal passage of discovery... we learn, share, and connect. Each story helps create a richly-layered picture of the Chinese American experience — a group portrait across time and place.

Participation is easy! Visit the StoryMap and create a personal account. Once your account is activated, you can always login to edit or add another story. Each submission becomes part of a searchable, online map. Selected stories are chosen for inclusion in the MOCA’s core exhibition, With a Single Step: Stories in the Making of America.


What is the MOCA Story Map?

StoryMap is an important component in MOCA's new online presence. It will allow the museum to collect perspectives, stories, pictures, and videos from Chinese Americans all over the country. All entries will also be mapped via Google technology to contextualize a larger vision of where we are and what we think across the nation.


How do I contribute a story?

First,  please visit  the Museum’s StoryMap webpage.  Then sign up and activate your account.  Once you have activated your account, please enter your story  and assign a geographical location and year. 

  • Add corresponding photographs
  • Add a corresponding video
  • Tag your story
  • Edit your story and profile later
  • Contribute more stories later

What kind of stories can I contribute?
You can answer one of the questions we have posed, or you can share any story you wish.


How do I view and/or search stories?
You can view and search stories by:

  • Story titles alphabetically
  • Names of those who have contributed stories
  • Names of those who have created profiles
  • Year assigned to the story
  • Geographic locations on the map
  • Tags