Contribute to the MOCA StoryMap!

With your help, MOCA is mapping the Chinese American experience – one story at a time.
Stories from across the country are gathered and shared via the MOCA StoryMap to create a dynamic group portrait of Chinese America, both online and on-site at the museum. As an ongoing project, our portrait will grow and transform over time, continually sprouting new generations of stories, as well as, opportunities to reflect on old ones.
What photos, objects, and stories have been passed down over the years to become symbolic of your family’s immigration to, or experience in America?

Is there a story/memory that speaks of that moment, when you knew and felt for the first time, that America was your new home?
The MOCA StoryMap is currently in its first phase of development. We will be collecting your stories today in preparation for the opening of our new core exhibition and museum in Fall 2008!
We look forward to hearing from you!

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