Museum of Chinese in America in the News

Read the latest press coverage on the Museum of Chinese in America.

New Home for Chinese Experience in America, New York Times, July 8, 2009


53 Questions That a Life May Depend On, New York Times, July 17, 2009.


Asian Americans Can be Superheroes Too, Wall Street Journal Online video on the Asian American ComiCon held on Saturday, July 11 at the Museum of Chinese in America. 


Chinese language news clips on the Community Open House Weekend, June 26-28. 


Articles on Maya Lin, architect/designer of the Museum of Chinese in America: 

China News, June 26, 2009;

World Journal, July 5, 2009;

World Journal, July 19, 2009.


Maya Lin on The Lenoard Lopate Show, July 7, 2009.


Article on the bill passed by the State of California to aplogize to the state's Chinese Americans for institutional racism in World Journal, August 3, 2009.