Cinema on the Edge: Best of Beijing Independent Film 2012-2014

Thu, Sep 10, 2015 @ 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Tickets (includes museum admission): $12/adult; $7/senior and student; Free for MOCA members



As part of Cinema on the Edge: The Best of the Beijing Independent Film 2012-14, this screening features a selection of animations that celebrate the brilliance and vibrancy of Chinese independent cinema.


Perfect Conjugal Bliss / 花好月圆 
Zhong Su, 6’ 2014
A gorgeous 3D animation unscrolling through Chinese history, from grey urban collapse to ultra-colored consumer dystopia.


How / 在哪儿
Zhang Yipin, 5’ 2013
Traditional pen-and-ink drawings, animating a fuzzy-haired ruddy-cheeked girl’s imaginative world of terror and freedom.

The Hunter and the Skeleton / 猎人与骷髅怪
Bai Bin 26’ (prize) 2012
A spectacular animated version, flash plus thangka, of an Eastern Tibetan folk tale: when a hunter meets a fearsome skeleton monster, are they friends, or enemies? (Jury Award, BIFF 2012)


An Apple Tree / 苹果树
Bai Bin, 11’ 2013
A Tibetan fable, in vivid colours, of an indomitable tree, assailed yet triumphant.


Double Act / 双簧
Ding Shiwei, 5’ 2013
A black-and-white vision of the industrial surreal: bodies float between familiar bureaucratic monuments above; sunflowers grow beneath the earth.


Mirror Room / 镜室 
Zhou Xiaohu 8’ 2012
Master clay animator Zhou fashions a bathroom of hallucinatory reflections, where Lacan meets fascism.


The New Book of Mountains and Seas Part 2 / 新山海经

Qiu Anxiong 29’ (2007) 2012
Animating classic-styled ink and pen drawings, and filling them with quasi-nightmarish animal-machine forms, Qiu suggests a world under ecological collapse, where genetically tampered animal forms expire on earth and colonize the stars.


Family Reunion / 馬拉自在
Chen Li-hua 18’ 2012
A-mei, a Taiwanese aboriginal woman working in a factory, is called home for the Harvest Festival, but her boss refuses. In Chen’s imaginative tale, illustrated with cut out and line drawn animation, a daughter’s powerful dreaming saves all. (Outstanding Fiction Film Award, BIFF 2012)


Cinema on the Edge is curated by Shelly Kraicer and produced by Karin Chien and runs from August 7 to September 13, 2015 at Anthology Film Archives, The Asia Society, Maysles Cinema at the Maysles Documentary Center, MOCA, and Union Docs.


Image: Still from The Hunter and the Skeleton, courtesy of Cinema on the Edge