Family Treasures 传家宝

Sat, May 11, 2019 @ 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Free with RSVP, click here to register!


Heirlooms such as photo albums, trinkets, and marriage certificates can preserve our families' stories for generations to come--but only if they’re carefully preserved.

Join us for our fifth annual Family Treasures, where you’ll learn how to save, store, and share your family heirlooms, photographs, and digital memories.

Connect with conservators and museum specialists; document family and neighborhood histories; digitize items of historical and cultural significance; and learn how to keep your treasures in tip-top shape. Featuring hands-on workshops, giveaways, preservation tips, and lots of family stories.


We encourage participants to bring small photographs, documents, textiles, or objects to digitize and talk to a conservator about!

Free with RSVP, click here to register! 


美国华人博物馆邀请您参加我们第五年度的 "家宝工作坊",来了解如何保留收藏并分享您家庭流传的宝物、相片、和数位的记忆。与档案保护学家和博物馆专业人员合作、记录家庭和社区历史、数位化具有历史性和文化价值的物品、并学习如何让您的宝物保持在顶尖的状态。特别推出互动性工作坊、附赠品、保藏小方针、和许多家庭故事。



Interactive Learning Stations —12-3pm

Visit each of our learning stations to watch conservators in action and try your hand at storing and preserving your valued objects. 


Telling Textiles
Examine period dresses from MOCA’s teaching collection, learn how to handle and care for your own family’s textiles, and reflect on their significance. Discover how to pack & store your textiles so they endure the test of time.

Keeping a Paper Trail: Preserving Family Papers & Photos
Baby pictures, report cards, vacation snapshots, and newspapers document vital family and community histories. Join Jennifer Sainato, Preservation Services Manager at the Center for Jewish History, in learning tips and methods for caring for your treasured documents and photographs from across the ages. Master how to store, handle, and display them, all while keeping them in tiptop shape.


Treasures & Troves: Object Care & Display
Curious about how to care for porcelain tableware? Wondering how to display a collection of pins or glass figurines? Discover storage solutions, select appropriate archival materials, explore best practices for extending the life of your favorite family objects, and learn when it’s best to see a professional.


Media Care: Audiovisual Archiving for Posterity
Are your 8-tracks, home videos, and cassette tapes obsolete? Explore how to preserve analog media like vinyl records, VHS tapes, and cassettes; learn why it’s important to migrate your material to digital formats; and consider the pros & cons of home transfer vs. vendor transfer with experts from the XFR Collective


Saving Stories: the Basics of Oral History
Find out how to capture & share your family stories. Investigate qualities of a great question, learn to use a digital recorder, and listen to engaging oral histories from MOCA’s collection. Be the one to tell your family’s story!


MOCA Collection Highlights
Explore highlights from MOCA’s most beloved collections, and browse our extensive Collections Online! See more at

Special Events

12-4pm | The Digi Age: Digitization Station
Sign up for a 20-minute timeslot to scan and digitize a couple of your beloved photos, documents, and 2-D mementos. Leave with a USB drive of your digitized items!*

*2-D objects 11” x 17” or smaller preferred. 


12:30pm | Finding Clues in Family Photos w/ the NYPL
Explore genealogy research through family snapshots and other historic photographs with NYPL Librarian Diane Dias De Fazio. Attendees will gain insights on how to solve family mysteries and find genealogy clues through close inspection of photographic imagery - from newspaper images to heirloom portraits.

2pm | Organizing & Staying Sane w/ Your Family Archives
Explore organizational methods for digitizing, naming & organizing your paper and digital files; discuss common technology pitfalls to avoid; & learn how to help your research live beyond today’s technology with genealogist Michelle D. Novak. 


中午12点至下午3点 — 活动站


细察美国华人博物馆教学藏品中的时代服饰,并学习如何妥善保存您家中的 纺织物


探索包装和存贮你的物件的新方法。本活动站提供多种文物样品和存 储材料以供大家动手学习。


探索美国华人博物馆最近获取的来自家庭和社区的收藏亮点!并请浏 览我们的“在线收藏”。


媒介保护:XFR Collective的视听档案
你的八轨道磁带,家庭录像带,卡式磁带是否已经老旧不堪?探索如何保护黑胶唱片,VHS录像带和卡式磁带;了解数字化音像资料的重要性;跟XFR Collective的专家一起探索。



数字时代:数字化活动站 -- 中午十二点至下午四点

跟纽约市公共图书馆专家Diane Dias De Fazio一起通过家庭快照和其他历史照片进行家谱研究。与会者将通过仔细检查摄影图像——从报纸图像到祖传肖像,深入了解如何破解家庭谜团并找到家谱线索。

下午2点 — 整理并智能管理您的家谱

跟着系谱学家 Michelle D. Novak 一起,探索如何系统的数字化、命名 及整理纸质文件和数码文件的方法;讨论避免常见的技术陷阱;并学会 让您的研究超越当今的技术长存