Family Treasures 传家宝

Sat, Apr 21, 2018 @ 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Heirlooms such as photo albums, trinkets, and marriage certificates can preserve our families’ stories for generations to come--but only if they’re carefully preserved.

Join us for our fourth annual Family Treasures day, where you’ll learn how to save, store and share your family heirlooms, photographs, and digital memories! Connect with conservators and museum specialists; document family and neighborhood histories; and digitize items of historical and cultural significance. Featuring hands-on workshops, giveaways, preservation tips, and lots of family stories!


Two dimensional objects 11” x 17” or smaller preferred.


Free with RSVP, please click here for online registration.




美国华人博物馆邀请您参加我们第三年度的 "家宝工作坊",来了解如何保留收藏并分享您家庭流传的宝物、相片、和数位的记忆。与档案保护学家和博物馆专业人员合作、记录家庭和社区历史、数位化具有历史性和文化价值的物品、并学习如何让您的宝物保持在顶尖的状态。特别推出互动性工作坊、附赠品、保藏小方针、和许多家庭故事。别忘了顺道参加我们为最年幼的来客们设计的备有艺术工艺活动的家庭角落!




Interactive Learning Stations —12-3pm

Visit each of our learning stations to watch conservators in action and try your hand at storing and preserving your valued objects.

Storage Solutions with the Municipal Archives
Are your precious memories sitting boxed up in your apartment or storage unit? Join the conservation staff from the New York Municipal Archives in discovering new ways to pack and store your items so they endure the test of time. Discover storage solutions, select appropriate archival materials, and learn best practices for extending the life of your family treasures, such as photographs, documents, and other materials.


Keeping a Paper Trail: Preserving Family Papers
Report cards, newspapers, birth certificates, recipes, and ticket stubs can all tell significant stories about you and your family. Watch conservator Lauren Paige Isaacs restore a paper document in real time and ask questions along the way! Learn the dos and don’ts of basic paper preservation including what supplies you’ll need, storage techniques, and when it’s best to see a professional.


Picture This! Photo Care for Posterity

Baby pictures, school portraits, vacation snapshots, and other personal photos document vital family and community histories. Master how to best store, handle & display your treasured photos with Jennifer Sainato, Preservation Services Manager at the Center for Jewish History.


Telling Textiles
Examine period dresses from MOCA’s teaching collection and learn how textiles reveal an individual’s past and experiences. Learn proper handling and care of your family textiles with textile historian Regan Loggans, and then reflect on their significance.


Saving Stories: the Basics of Oral History
Find out how to capture and share your own family stories. Investigate qualities of a great question; conduct a mini-interview on a digital recorder; and listen to engaging oral histories from MOCA’s collection. Be the one to tell your family’s story!

MOCA Collection Highlights
Explore highlights from some of MOCA’s most beloved family and neighborhood collections! Then browse our Collections Online to view other artifacts, photographs, books, and documents housed at our Collections at 70 Mulberry St.

Special Events

12-4pm | The Digi Age: Digitization Stations
Keep your family and community memories for posterity! Sign up for a 20-minute timeslot where the MOCA Collections team will scan and digitize a couple of your most beloved photos, paper documents, and/or 2-D mementos. Share your objects’ stories and walk away with a CD of your digitized items to show off as you wish! **Two dimensional objects 11” x 17” or smaller preferred.

12:15pm | Finding Family in the National Archives
Meet a specialist from the National Archives (NARA) in New York! Learn how to use NARA’s collections to trace your family’s history using petitions for naturalization, passenger arrivals, and the Federal Census.

1pm | Organizing (& Staying Sane with) Your Genealogy

Explore organizational methods for digitizing, naming & organizing your paper and digital files; discuss common technology pitfalls to avoid; & learn how to help your research live beyond today’s technology with Michelle D. Novak.


2pm | Unpacking Chinese Exclusion Act Case Files

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has almost half a million Chinese Exclusion Act case files. Case files can be a rich source of information, often containing photographs, clerical records, interrogation transcripts and more. Join NARA Archives Specialist Angela Tudico in discovering the kinds of information you can pull from them.


2:45pm | Letters Alive!
Join Zoe Liu and Stephanie Zank as they read a selection of historical letters from MOCA’s Michael Calvert 2007 Collection in Mandarin and English. Letters Alive! features performances inspired by personal correspondence uncovered at MOCA’s Collections & Research Center.

Kids' Corner — 1-4pm


“We are Family” Portraits
Celebrate your family’s unique story by creating a torn paper portrait of yourself and your loved ones. Recreate your favorite photograph or come up with a futuristic design. Hang it somewhere for the whole family to see!

Tiny Treasures
Does your family collect ticket stubs, fortune cookie fortunes, stickers, or other small keepsakes that are tough to keep organized? Make a memory box to store and label your tiny treasures. Decorate your box to personalize it for you and your family!