MOCAEATS: The Past, Present, and Future of Asian Food

Thu, Oct 20, 2016 @ 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Tickets: $65; $45/MOCA members

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Please join an esteemed group of New York chefs and food entrepreneurs (affectionately known as the Asian Food Mafia) as they share their behind-the-business insights and discuss the influences and impact of Asian food in America. Followed by cocktails and samplings from the kitchens of featured chefs.




Chris Cheung, chef/owner of East Wind Snack Shop and Tan Suo
Doron Wong, Erika Chou, chef and owner of Mingy Rose and Northern Tiger
Lien and Ed Lin, chefs and owners Bricolage
Medwin Pang, chef owner Hunger Pang
Pichet Ong, chef consultant
Peter Yuen, chef
Christine Lau, chef
Eric Rhee, producer of The Kim Chi Chronicles


Susur Lee and Mei Mei Tuan



fresh summer roll with shrimp, pork belly herbs rice noodle and a hoisin peanut sauce (Bricolage)
spicy heritage pork and chive dumplings (Northern Tiger)
skewered beef filet with black pepper natural reduction (Hunger Pang)
Smiling pork bao bun, sweet chili (East Wind Snack Shop)


Image of Susur Lee courtesy of Jason Finestone