MOCAFILMS Snakeheads

Thu, Oct 19, 2017 @ 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Tickets (includes museum admission): $12/Adult; $8/Student & Senior; FREE for MOCA Members


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MOCA is screening the 1994 award-winning documentary Snakeheads: Chinese Mafia & the New Slave Trade. Filmmakers went undercover in Fuzhou Province to capture the activities of slave traders, or ‘snakeheads,’ who bargained their fellow countrymen into indentured servitude to the United States. This lucrative trade resulted in an influx of undocumented Chinese workers across the U.S. After arriving, many workers struggled and failed to compete in the American job market and were tortured by their snakeheads until they located enough money for their payments. Snakeheads profiles the slave traders and Chinese laborers who were their victims, exploring issues of undocumented immigration, increased tension in communities like New York’s Chinatown, and the human consequences of a race to the bottom in the global economy.


After the screening, Jon Alpert (DCTV, co-executive director/co-founder) and Ying Chan (Journalism and Media Studies Centre, HKU, founding director) will lead a Q&A about the making of the documentary and the state of labor trafficking from China to the U.S. now.


MOCA is proud to present this screening in partnership with the Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV) and the Asian American/Asian Research Institute (AAARI) of the City University of New York.