MOCAREADS: The Art of War

Sun, Apr 23, 2017 @ 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Tickets (include museum admission): $20 (with copy of book); $12/adult; $10/student & senior; free for MOCA members 

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“There is no doubt that J.H. Huang’s new translation of Sun Tzu will be valuable to anyone who is a student of The Art of War. It will be used by scholars for years to come.”
                                 – General H. Norman Schwarzkopf




Throughout recorded history, Sun Tzu’s wisdom, rules, and philosophy have been eagerly embraced by warriors, leaders, and gentle contemplators alike. Join J.H. Huang as he introduces his new interpretation of The Art of War. This edition is an entirely new text based on manuscripts discovered in Linyi, China in 1972.


J.H. Huang was born in Sichuan to a hero fighter pilot in the Chinese Air Force during the Second World War; his father later rose to the rank of colonel before the family moved to Taiwan in 1949. J.H. Received his Master’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature from National Cheng Chi University in Taipei. His first book was written in Chinese and explored the origins and changing meanings of Chinese characters. The Art of War is his second book. He lives in California, spent seven years researching the Linyi text, and is now working on a philosophical study of Laozi. J.H. lives with his wife, the artists and writer Carolyn Phillips.