The Moon Represents My Heart Concert Series presents Erduo Duo

Fri, Jun 7, 2019 @ 7:30pm - 8:30pm



Tickets are $15 and include the live performance, Museum admission, and wine. Members receive complimentary tickets. Not a Member? Join today!


Join us as we launch a series of concerts for The Moon Represents My Heart. The concert series is a reflection of the current exhibition which focuses on the transformative power of music and identity. Erduo Duo – Lorin Chow Roser ( guitar-sanqin, 3d video) and RIP Hayman (guqin) will synthesize Chinese inspired compositions & present a musical interlude based on Fluxus sound works. This sound environment is based on vast travel experiences and past Chinese American scholar exchanges brings these dynamics into play as they entice audiences to open their imagination to new expressions.


“Animated Nite of Ear Visualizations”
Feel the Ear Duo and experience what their ear cannot hear as creator Hayman brings the Ear Inn to us with Lorin Roser’s 3D anime video.


RIP Hayman is a composer/inventor of sound art. Tiananmen Echo is his early Guqin work commissioned by NPR for his time in China, He created Ear Magazine, worked with David Tudor, Chou Wen Chung, Charlie Morrow at MoMA etc . His just released LP “Dreams of India and China” is featured at the Ear Inn. As a mariner he finds inspiration for his music.


Lorin Chow Roser is a experimental soundscape composer will perform electro -guitar. Often working with performance artists. His created 3d geometry and music s utilizing Asian influences and instruments that reveal ties to new tradition and identity. He has performed/screened videos at New Museum, CBGB’s, The Puffin Room, Harvestworks, White Box, Emily Harvey, Spectrum, Remote and Franklin Furnace.