[New York, NY] March 5, 2024 – The Museum of Chinese in America Board of Trustees announced today that Michael E. Lee has been named as the institution’s next President, effective April 1. Lee comes to the Museum after serving as the Managing Director, Corporate Development, for New York Institute of Finance since 2018.

Lee will replace Nina Curley, who has served as interim Executive Director of the Museum since April of 2023

“We are beyond thrilled to welcome Michael Lee to the Museum,” said Eric Lee, Board Co-Chair. “Michael’s connection to the community, diverse background and long-term vision make him the perfect individual to lead this institution going forward as it embarks on a new chapter in its journey.”

Lee will be taking the helm of the Museum at a crucial time in its history. The Museum will continue to tell the story of the Chinese experience in the United States through exhibitions, programming and collections. In addition, with the recent purchase of its home at 215 Centre St., the Museum can ensure a larger, permanent space to expand on its mission in its original birthplace and community.

“The Museum of Chinese in America is one of the true gems of New York,” said Lee. “I am humbled and honored to have been chosen to lead this important institution at a time when its mission and purpose is as important as ever before. Telling the stories, promoting the culture and celebrating the accomplishments of this great Chinese community through thought-provoking exhibitions and engaging programming is something I cannot wait to be a part of. As a third-generation Chinese American from New York, being entrusted with the opportunity to develop a museum just a few blocks away from where my grandparents raised my father and cared for me in my early years is a tremendous honor. I eagerly anticipate transforming it into a space that my children and future generations will cherish visiting.”

Lee comes to the Museum after serving six years as the Managing Director of Corporate Development at the New York Institute of Finance, a century-old educational institution that trains professionals from over 120 different countries in finance. He was responsible for all the operations in the U.S. office including sales, marketing, customer success, and finances. Prior to working for the New York Institute of Finance, Lee served as the Executive Director of Apex for Youth, a New York City nonprofit organization that provides mentoring, education and after school programs to underserved Asian youth. During his seven years of leadership, Apex grew from a $400,000 budget serving 150 students to a $3.2 million organization working with over 1,000 students a year.

“Michael Lee joining the Museum of Chinese in America marks an exciting milestone for the organization,” said Stephen Limpe, Board Co-Chair. “We are confident that under Mike‘s guidance and leadership, the Museum will continue to grow and flourish as we build our new permanent home at 215 Centre Street to celebrate the journeys, trials, triumphs and contributions of Chinese people in America.”

A native New Yorker with family roots in Chinatown, Michael previously served as the Director of Development at the Committee of 100, an organization of Chinese American leaders who address issues concerning Asian Americans and U.S.-China Relations. Michael received an M.S. in Fundraising and Philanthropy from New York University and a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania in East Asian Studies. He serves on the board of directors of the Chinese American Planning Council (CPC), Central Queens Academy Charter School, and the Red Hook Initiative. He teaches martial arts and lion dance at Norman Chin’s Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu School, teaches a business course at Basis Independent Brooklyn, cofounded Meat Asia, Inc., and is president of the 529 Court Street Condo Board. Michael grew up in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, where he now lives with his wife Grace and three children—Connor, Maxwell and Annisa.



[纽约,纽约] 2024 年 3 月 5 日 – 美国华人博物馆董事会今日宣布,李汝乾(Michael E. Lee)被任命为MOCA的新任馆长,于 4 月 1 日开始上任。入职MOCA之前,李汝乾自 2018 年起担任纽约金融学院(New York Institute of Finance)企业发展常务总监。

李汝乾将接替自 2023 年 4 月起担任博物馆临时首席执行馆长的尼娜·科里(Nina Curley)。

MOCA董事会联合主席埃里克·李(Eric Lee)表示,“我们热烈欢迎李汝乾加入博物馆,他与社区的紧密联系、多元化的背景和远见卓识使他成为领导MOCA继续发展前行以及开创其新篇章的完美人选。”

李汝乾在博物馆历史上的关键时刻掌舵。 博物馆将持续通过展览、公众活动及教育项目和馆藏档案讲述华人在美国的经历。此外,MOCA最近购置位于中央街 215 号的馆址,确保了博物馆拥有更大的永久使用空间,从而得以在其最初的诞生地和社群中继续拓展其使命。

新任馆长李汝乾表示, “美国华人博物馆是纽约真正的瑰宝之一。 在其使命和宗旨比以往任何时候都重要的关键时刻被选为领导者,我感到谦卑和荣幸。 通过发人深省的展览和引人入胜的活动,叙述移民故事、推广多元文化并庆祝华人社区的伟大成就,我迫不及待地想参与其中。 作为来自纽约的第三代华裔美国人,能够有机会在距离我祖父母抚养我父亲和早年照顾我的地方仅隔几个街区的社群里发展一座博物馆,是一种莫大的荣幸。 我热切地期望将它改造成为一个我的孩子和子孙后代都会珍惜参观的场所。”

李汝乾就任馆长之前,曾在纽约金融学院担任企业发展常务总监六年。纽约金融学院是一家拥有百年历史的教育机构,为来自 120 多个不同国家的金融专业人士提供培训。 他负责美国办事处的所有运营,包括销售、营销、客户服务和财务。 在纽约金融学院任职之前,李汝乾曾担任纽约市非营利组织 Apex for Youth 的执行董事,该组织为资源短缺的亚裔青少年提供规划、教育和课后项目。 在他的七年领导期间,Apex 从仅有40 万美元预算只为150 名学生提供服务的组织发展成为拥有320 万美元预算并每年为1,000 多名学生服务的机构。

“李汝乾加入美国华人博物馆标志着一个激动人心的里程碑,”董事会联合主席林振民(Stephen Limpe)说。 “我们相信在李汝乾的领导之下,博物馆将继续发展壮大,在中央街 215 号扎根我们的永久馆址,宣扬华人在美国的旅程、考验、成就和贡献。”

李汝乾是本地纽约人,家族起源于曼哈顿唐人街,曾担任百人会(Committee of 100)的发展总监,该委员会是一个由华裔美国精英建立的组织,致力于改善美国亚裔生活和解决中美关系的议题。 李汝乾拥有纽约大学(New York University)筹款和慈善事业硕士学位和宾夕法尼亚大学(University of Pennsylvania)东亚研究学士学位 。 他是美籍华人规划委员会(Chinese American Planning Council )、中央皇后学院特许学校(Central Queens Academy Charter School)和红钩倡议(Red Hook Initiative)的董事会成员。他在陈金耀竹林寺螳螂派国术学院(Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu School)传授武术和舞狮,在布鲁克林基础独立学院(Basis Independent Brooklyn)教授商业课程,共同创办了 Meat Asia公司,并且是 529法院街公寓业主委员会主席。李汝乾与妻子格蕾丝和三个孩子—康纳、麦克斯韦尔和安妮莎居住在布鲁克林的卡罗尔花园区。