HeARTwork: A Virtual Exhibition in Collaboration with the Center for All Abilities




“HeARTwork” is a virtual art exhibition that focuses on each artist’s unique voice and expressions from the heart. As human beings, we all have the need to connect with others (socialization), express thoughts and feelings (self-expression), and feel good about ourselves (self-confidence). Due to difficulties with social and communication skills, individuals with autism and other neurodevelopmental challenges often find it difficult to fulfill these needs. Because art creation is playful, creative, expressive, and non-judgmental, it becomes a vital alternative for self-expression and social connection. Creating art allows those of all abilities to express themselves freely and without words.


Debuting on September 9, 2020, this virtual exhibition will feature the artistic talents and voices of the children and youth in Center for All Abilities' Creative Arts Program. It will highlight artwork created by young artists with the help of the art therapists and other participants of the Creative Arts Program. As viewers, we welcome you to engage with the work of these budding artists and allow their voices to be heard.


The Center for All Abilities (CAA) is a 501C (3) non-profit organization that empowers people with all abilities through enrichment programs to recognize their full potential and thrive in the community. They envision a world where those of all abilities can integrate fully in society! CAA serves a population that includes neurodiverse children/youth and their families, and is geared toward Chinese immigrant families. Learn more by clicking here.  


To learn more about art therapy with neurodiverse populations, download "What is Art Therapy? An Introduction to Art Therapy with a Neurodiverse Population,"a publication developed by Jacqueline McDonald, Development Director & Social Media Manager at the Center for All Abilities.