Associate Board

MOCA Associate Board

Executive Committee


David Z. Qian


Mei Guan


Yong Zhao
Treasurer and Secretary


Christina Gee


Peter Du


Andrew Shiue


Lawrence Yen


Ming Zhang



To encourage and empower emerging leaders of Chinese descent to contribute in dynamic and engaging ways to MOCA's efforts to preserve and present the history, heritage, culture and diverse experiences of people of Chinese descent in the United States. Objectives of the Associate Board include:

  • Promoting dialogue between MOCA and young adult audiences
  • Supporting community outreach initiatives and special events planning
  • Cultivating friends for MOCA educational and public programs
  • Enhancing donor engagement for prospects who are under age 40
  • Developing mentorships from the Board of Directors



The Associate Board consists of two levels:

1) Executive AB Committee: Consists of up to 7 members, including 3 officers: 2 Co-Chairs and 1 Treasurer/Secretary. The Executive AB Committee meets regularly to frame and develop projects and initiatives and works closely with members of the AB Circle to refine initiatives and execute projects. The Executive AB Committee is on a three-year term with no term limits. The required annual contribution for the Executive Committee is $2500.00. This commitment includes one single ticket to annual special events, including Legacy Awards Gala ($1,000 value), Celebration of Community Heroes ($200 value), and Lunar New Year Celebration ($100 value). The 3 Officers of the Executive AB Committee serve as ex-officio members on the Board of Directors, who are invited to the quarterly MOCA Board of Directors meetings.


2) AB Circle (ABC): Consist of up to 16 members. The AB Circle meet quarterly to discuss and execute projects and initiatives proposed by the Executive AB Committee. The AB Circle are on a one-year term with no term limits. The required annual contribution for the Patrons is $500. This commitment includes one single ticket to MOCA Legacy Awards Gala ($1,000 value). The AB Circle are also expected to fulfill sub-committee services and to participate in MOCA’s community outreach initiatives. The AB Circle can be nominated and elected to the Executive AB Committee at the quarterly meetings.


The ultimate decision is be made with the consensus of the Associate Board.



Members of the Associate Board will serve on one or more of three sub-committees:


1) Nominating and Governance Committee

2) Special Events Committee

3) Programs Committee


Each sub-committee will include at least one Sub-Committee Chair or at least one Chair and one Vice Chair.

Members of the Executive Committee should serve as chairs of the sub-committees. Members of the AB Circle can serve as vice chairs of the sub-committees. All members of the Associate Board are expected to serve on at least one sub-committee. There is a one-year commitment on sub-committee services. Sub-committee chair works closely with the AB co-chairs to develop and implement their specific projects.


Nominations and Elections Committee: Defining nomination and election processes, facilitating communication with AB prospects, nominating and recruiting young professionals to join the Associate Board, and electing the AB Circle to the Executive AB Committee.


Special Events Committee: Planning and organizing AB-hosted events such as Night at the Museum and Associate Board Summer Benefit for young adult audiences and supporters. Portion of funds raised will be reserved as working budget for the Associate Board.


Professional Committee: Producing a series of 4-6 programs per year (themed talks, panels, workshops, and seminars), inviting professionals from a specific industry and highlighting Chinese/Asian Americans. Collaborating with MOCA’s Department of Public Programs and Department of Education, the Associate Board will choose topics and lead the programs. Meanwhile, cultivating a following for MOCA educational and public programs such as Music + Mic Night, MOCA Forum, and Family Festival. Suggested topics are:


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Design
  • Politics
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Business
  • Film
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
  • Medicine
  • US-China Relations


Composition of Sub-Committees as of October 25, 2019

1) Nominations and Elections Committee: Yong Zhao, Chair

2) Special Events Committee: David Z. Qian, Co-Chair and Mei Guan, Co-Chair

3) Professional Committee: Christina Gee, Co-Chair and Peter Du, Co-Chair


To find out more about the Associate Board or interested in joining the Associate Board, contact the Development Department at