Past Exhibitions

01: 欢迎参观[中医在美国:理念,人与实践的融合]展览!
Welcome to the Chinese Medicine Exhibition!
08: 《追溯起源.十七》,崔斐
Tracing the Origin, XVII
02: “解剖原型”
Section “Anatomical Archetypes”
09: 中草药展览柜
Display case for herbs
03: 人参交易
The Ginseng Trade
10: 《身体影子》,徐文恺
Body Shadow, Aaajiao
04: 展览中的木版画
Woodblock prints
11: 杂志展览柜
Display case for magazines
05: 《 关公像》,郭凤仪
Master Guan, Guo Feng Yi
12: 《回家, 煲汤》,艾米丽.莫克
Return Home, Make Soup, Emily Mock
06: 《圆的故事》,张宏图
Story of a Circle, Zhang Hong Tu
13: 跌打药物展览柜
Display case for Hit Fall Medicine
07: “诊断中的哲学”
Section “Philosophies Into Diagnosis”
14: “阴阳循环”
Section “Yin Yang Cycles”
    15: 感谢您的参观!请思考:
Thank you for your visit! Please consider:



k1: 宣传物品展柜
Display Case: Marketing
k9: 药品展览柜
Display Case: Tonics
k2: “太平洋西北部”
Pacific Northwest
k10: k给喜医生的信
Letters to Doc Hay
k3: 中国劳工和金矿
Chinese laborers and mines
k11: 梁安:喜医生最好的伙伴
Lung On: Doc Hay’s “Best Man”
k4: 金华昌的神龛
k12: 医生办公室和社交中心
The Doctor’s Office and Social Center
k5: 辉煌的内饰
The Splendid Interior
k13: 原材料展览柜
Display Case: Ingredients
k6: 药品展览柜
Display Case: Medicine
k14: 法庭案件
Court Case
k7: 诊脉点图
Diagram of pulse diagnosis points
k15: 最后的中国人
The Last Chinese
k8: 瓶罐展览柜
Display Case: Jars
k16: 家庭合照,继任者
Family Portrait, Successor