Asian in America - A Six Course Meal

Fri, Dec 7, 2018 @ 6:30pm - 9:30pm


Tickets are $125 which can be purchased here and will go live at 8pm on Wednesday, November 7 to Friday, November 9. Limited seats available with maximum party size of two.


Studio ATAO is partnering with MOCA to present Asian in America. The event is a symbolic exhibition and 6-course dining experience that explores the complex narrative of the Asian American identity through food and drink, virtual reality, spoken word performance and poetry. The ingredients, cooking techniques and alternating presentations of poetry and virtual reality recreations using the VR painting platform, Tilt Brush, take guests on a multi-sensory journey through the trials and triumphs of the Asian American identity, addressing topics from cultural hierarchies in the food system, the lack of the individualism granted to minorities, and the internalization of the “white savior” complex.

Since its official debut at the Museum of Food and Drink in August 2018, Asian in America has been nominated for the Future of Storytelling’s Bridging the Divide Award and was selected as a featured piece for the Tribeca Film Institute’s Virtual Reality channel. Asian in America began its North American tour in November 2018, making its first stop at the reThink Food conference held by the Culinary Institute of America and MIT Media Lab in Napa Valley, California. Asian in America is the first exhibition of its kind, fusing food with emerging technology with a social mission, gathering communities of all backgrounds to better understand, reflect and discuss their unique perspectives on the Asian American experience.

A brief video from the debut event is available to further understand this unique experience.

The courses are:

1. Substitutions

2. "You Make Asian Food, Right?"

3. Stereotypes

4. Model Minority

5. Saviors

6. Fancy Because It's French

Bonus: Dog Food Is A Necessity?

Half of the courses are presented with poetry, while the other half has been recreated in VR through Tilt Brush and is accompanied with spoken word performance. All the ingredients and cooking techniques have been carefully chosen to have double meanings, which the guests uncover throughout the meal. The final bonus course utilizes augmented reality to display the Tilt Brush recreation of the dish alongside poetry, with the image target being a physical illustration of the dish itself -- that is available to download via the Studio ATAO app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The official playlist of Asian in America features a wide variety of Asian American artists and is available for download on Spotify.

About Chef Jenny Dorset and Studio ATAO

Jenny Dorsey is a professional chef, writer and artist focused on fusing experimental culinary content with emerging technology. Her background is in fine dining, having worked at Michelin-starred restaurants in both NYC and SF before co-founding the popular dinner series Wednesdays and finding her niche within food and tech. Her full background and food portfolio can be found at:

Studio ATAO is a nonprofit production studio that creates multi-platform, impact driven culinary content and experiences that is currently exploring emerging technologies (specifically AR and VR.) Studio ATAO aims to leverage and combine the art of food and technology for social good -- to offer our guests a chance to dine with us and better understand and appreciate the world around them. Discover more about Studio ATAO and its upcoming projects at: