MOCATalks with author Abigail Hing Wen: Loveboat, Taipei

Tue, Jan 28, 2020 @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm



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Join us to meet and talk with author Abigail Hing Wen about her debut novel Loveboat, Taipei. This young adult novel is a Crazy Rich Asians meets Jane Austen Comedy of Manners. It debuted this month on the New York Times best sellers list and is the story of a young dancer whose strict parents send her to Taipei to learn Mandarin for the summer, and she has the time of her life instead.

Loveboat, Taipei and Abigail have been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Bloomberg, NBC Bay Area, the World Journal and South China Morning Post and is a top 2020 pick for 17 Magazine, Boston Globe and Bustle, among others.


The program is moderated by Nancy Yao Maasbach, MOCA President. Followed by a book signing. Books available for purchase.


“Our cousins have done this program,” Sophie whispers. “Best kept secret. Zero supervision.”


And just like that, Ever Wong’s summer takes an unexpected turn. Gone is Chien Tan, the strict, educational program in Taiwan that Ever was expecting. In its place, she finds “Loveboat:” a summer-long free-for-all where hookups abound, adults turn a blind eye, snake-blood sake flows abundantly, and the nightlife runs nonstop.


But not every student is quite what they seem:

  • Ever is working towards becoming a doctor but nurses a secret passion to dance.
  • Rick Woo is the Yale-bound, child-prodigy bane of Ever’s existence whose perfection hides a secret.
  • Boy-crazy, fashion-obsessed Sophie Ha turns out to have more to her than meets the eye.
  • And under sexy Xavier Yeh’s shell is buried a shameful truth he’ll never admit.

When these students’ lives collide, it’s guaranteed to be a summer Ever will never forget.


About the Author

Abigail was born in West Virginia to a family of immigrants: Her mother is from the Philippines and her father from Indonesia, and her grandparents emigrated to those countries from Fujian and Shandong provinces in China.


Abigail grew up in Ohio and graduated from Harvard University and Columbia Law School. She attended the actual Loveboat program in Taipei as a young adult.


Abigail worked in Washington DC for the Senate, as a law clerk for a federal judge. and now in Silicon Valley in venture capital and artificial intelligence. She also earned her Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts.


In her spare time, she enjoys long walks with her husband and two boys, and hanging out with friends and over 100 family members in the Bay Area. She loves music and dances to it when no one is watching.