Members Preview: Windows for Chinatown and MOCA Workshop

Fri, Oct 16, 2020 @ 12:00pm - 6:00pm



Members Preview of the exhibition and the MOCA Workshop space on Friday, October 16, 2020 will be by advance timed ticket only and capacity is limited. The preview hours are 12:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M., with a maximum of 4 tickets for each 15-minute time slot. Tickets must be reserved online and will not be available at the Museum. Reserve a members preview scheduled ticket here.


MOCA is following procedures and guidelines laid out by the CDC and local health officials, including practicing social distancing for all activities, and masks are required for all adults and children over the age of 2.


While MOCA has successfully pivoted to providing its curatorial, collections, and educational content via digital, online and social media platforms, as well as offering live-streamed public programs, masterclasses and tours of MOCA to hundreds of virtual attendees, MOCA is pleased to make several announcements today in celebration of its 40th Anniversary in 2020: the opening of its Windows for Chinatown exhibition and its new temporary space MOCA Workshop replacing the MOCA Collections and Research Center that was destroyed in the 70 Mulberry Street fire.


Windows for Chinatown
MOCA has transformed its windows on Centre and Lafayette streets into exhibition spaces that reflect on Chinatown history, anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the recent uprisings for racial justice. Windows for Chinatown will draw from MOCA’s storied national archive of Chinese American history, in addition to highlighting new acquisition projects such as the OneWorld COVID-19 Collection.

MOCA Workshop: Collections and Research Center
The MOCA Workshop is the Museum’s new Collections and Research Center, which was previously located at 70 Mulberry Street. Nine months after a devastating five-alarm fire at 70 Mulberry Street in January 2020, MOCA has opened a new home for its extensive archive of over 85,000 artifacts that document the Chinese experience in America. As the name implies, the MOCA Workshop, located at 3 Howard Street one block away from the Museum, will be a publicly accessible research space that invites hands-on engagement with MOCA’s Collections.


MOCA’s 40th Anniversary celebration is accompanied by a newly launched companion website at showcasing MOCA’s 40 years of history, stories submitted by the public to the MOCA OneWorld COVID-19 special collection, and images of new acquisitions of artifacts donated by the public post-fire.


For MOCA’s 40th Anniversary celebration, the public is invited to follow the Museum on social media where a “MOCA 40 Stories” educational campaign will be launched on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @mocanyc. For this social media campaign, the Museum will tell 40 stories about the untold history of MOCA using iconic archival images from MOCA’s Collections.


The MOCA Workshop's neighbor The Tyger at 1 Howard Street, the vibrant Pan-Asian sequel from the Chinese Tuxedo team, has reserved several outdoor dining booths for MOCA guests: make a direct reservation here!



Museum of Chinese Safety Protocols and Procedures


Disinfection Procedures
The MOCA Workshop will be decontaminated and disinfected with museum-appropriate cleaning materials prior to opening, and after opening in accordance with best practices. Hand sanitizers will be available by outdoor information tables.

Cleaning Protocols
Maintenance staff will perform enhanced cleaning throughout the day to ensure healthy and safe conditions in the MOCA Workshop.


Health Declaration and Temperature Checks for Staff and Visitors
All staff will be screened regarding their health and be subject to a temperature screening daily prior to entering the MOCA Workshop. Visitors will be subject to a temperature screening. Any staff member who has any COVID-19 symptoms, has tested positive, or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive within the past 14 days will be required to stay home and seek medical assistance. Visitors will be advised by posted signage not to enter the MOCA Workshop if they have experienced COVID-19 symptoms, tested positive, or been in contact with someone who has tested positive within the past 14 days. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any visitor with a 100.4+ temperature.

Contactless Reservations
Advance and timed admissions for visitors will be implemented. A no-touch or low-touch visitor experience will be implemented. Visitor information will be collected as part of admission reservation for contact tracing and personal notification purpose.


Personal Protection Equipment
Face coverings will be required for all visitors older than age two inside the MOCA Workshop, including employees. Face coverings will be made available, without charge, to anyone requesting them. Security personnel will wear additional PPE, including face shields and gloves to allow for safe and secure interaction with colleagues and guests.


Social Distancing
Social distancing is required and will be enforced; parties may remain together; children must stay with adults at all times. Signage will be placed to remind people to maintain social distancing.