MOCAFAMILY: Qing Ming Family Festival!

Sat, Apr 11, 2015 @ 12:00pm - 4:00pm


The Qing Ming Festival is a celebration of those who came before us. Graves are swept and cold delicacies are served. Once the celebration is over, food is then shared with family and friends and the rest of the day is spent flying kites, dancing and playing games that are perfect for Spring!


Join MOCA for a fun-filled afternoon of activities celebrating family, springtime, and Qing Ming traditions! Share your family memories and learn all about this unique holiday by making nature inspired crafts, listening to classic tales, and creating a community kite.


Tickets: $10/person; $8 for all MOCA Dual and Individual Level Members; Free for MOCA Family Level Members and above, children under 2, and Cool Culture families. Advance online purchase recommended.


See festival schedule below!



Teaching Artist Demonstrations & Other Activities!             12-4pm


Insta-Spring Photo Corner

Smile for spring as you enjoy our special Qing Ming-themed backdrop. Make memories at MOCA as you capture family and friends beneath the springtime skies and colorful kites!


Family Treasures
Reflect back and discover family stories from MOCA’s teaching collection! Examine unique artifacts, learn how to preserve photographs, and discover how textiles can share a person’s journey and experiences!


Family Roots Calligraphy Corner
Our names carry the memories of family members from many generations ago, even further back than we can remember! Join Tianyi Wang as she paints your family name on textured rice paper. Then, try it out for yourself.


Festive Foods

Learn about cross cultural connections between food and memory! Explore customs and traditions of Qing Ming, Día de los Muertos, and more.

Rest + Play
A space for parents and caretakers to rest while their children play! Relax and enjoy our free Wi-Fi while kids enjoy free play with books, blocks, and more!

Legends Story Time (1, 2, & 3pm) 

Why do people eat cold foods on Qing Ming? Discover this and more with MOCA educators as you listen in on “The Tale of Jie Zitui.”


Puppet Theatre
You've heard some of our special Qing Ming stories, now perform your own! Stop by our puppet theatre and tell some classic tales or create your own adventures to share.

Drop-in Arts & Crafts                                                         12-4pm


Flower-full Memories

Celebrate spring and family by creating your very own picture frame. Decorate it with your favorite dried flowers and learn all about their meaning. Remember to stop by our photo booth to take an awesome picture for the frame!


Spectacular Springtime Scrapbooks

Create your very own travel scrapbook to preserve keepsakes from your favorite moments. Stop by the Family Treasures workshop and learn how to preserve and archive your precious photographs!


Collaborative Kites

Flying kites is one of Qing Ming’s most adored activities. Work together with other visitors to make and decorate parts of a giant kite. Explore Tyrus Wong’s creations for inspiration. The sky is the limit!


Playful Pinwheels
Join us in making colorful works of art that will dance in the breeze. Place them on your windowsill to bring good luck!


Top photo: Tyrus Wong’s Centipede. Photography and copyright Sara Jane Boyers

Bottom photo: Courtesy of the Museum of Chinese in America