The Moon Represents My Heart Concert Series presents Frank Song, Jr.

Sat, Aug 24, 2019 @ 7:00pm - 9:00pm



Tickets are $15 and include the live performance, Museum admission, and one free drink. Members receive complimentary tickets. Not a Member? Join today!


Join us for the The Moon Represents My Heart concert series, a reflection of the current exhibition which focuses on the transformative power of music and identity. Tonight, we present the launch of local artist Frank Song, Jr.’s debut album, “My Home.”

“My Home-我的家” is Frank Song Jr.’s debut album. This project has been a culmination of his entire life and understanding of his heritage and identity in America. He wants to communicate that for each individual, life is a discovery of who we are, why we belong, and what we want to create for the future. This project is deeply emotional and is meant to show the world who he is as a Gay Chinese-American man who grew up in Virginia and how he has come to embrace every part of himself.

Originally from Virginia, Frank has only been a professional musician for a little over a year. He has been playing music for his entire life, but feeling strong enough and vulnerable enough to write and release his original work didn’t come around until more recently. He is currently in Naturopathic medical school in Connecticut, and he plays and sings all over the US and Europe. He sings about the struggles in life, the painful beauty of love, and writes songs about his identity as a first-generation Chinese-American gay man. His music encompasses sound from American Folk/Bluegrass, Chinese folk, R&B , and Soul. Frank’s ultimate goal is to bring peace, light, and healing to this world, and serve as the Chinese-American artist role model he didn’t have growing up. He is so excited that he will have a streamable album and now people all over the world can share in his music and experiences without coming to a live performance!