Join us for a fun afternoon of art-making for all ages!                       Every 1st & 3rd Saturday from 1-4pm

Come paint, build, craft, or collage – use familiar materials, or experiment with new! Inspired by the museum’s exhibitions and local artists, MOCACREATE explores different themes every month. Free with Museum admission! 

Hats Off to the Chef

Sat. Jul 15, 2017 | 1pm - 4pm *
Decorate your very own chef’s hat to wear in the kitchen the next time you cook up a storm. Draw and collage your favorite ingredients, ultimate comfort foods, the friends and family you cook with, and more to adorn your personalized hat.

* Please note: there is no workshop July 1st per the holiday weekend.


Build a Banquet!

Sat. Aug 5 & Sat. Aug, 19 2017 | 1pm - 4pm 
MOCA's Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy features a huge dinner table with beautiful place settings. As we say good-bye to the exhibition, let's celebrate by building our own banquet table together! Use a variety of materials and textures to create place settings, a table runner, napkin holders, chopstick rests and other dinner party items that you can bring home or share with the museum to set our collaborative dinner table.


Kitchen Concoctions

Sat. Sept 2, 2017 | 1pm - 4pm

Art you can munch on! Design sweet and sour sculptures from grapes, mini marshmallows, toothpicks, and other tasty treats. Then, eat your masterpiece.

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Access Families
MOCACREATE welcomes families and children with developmental or learning disabilities and those on the autism spectrum. Children and adults with a range of abilities and learning styles can enjoy multisensory workshops that include tactile opportunities and art-making activities. For more information about Access + Accessibility, please click here.

Supplies generously donated by our friendly neighbors at Blick Art Materials - SOHO
148 Lafayette Street | New York, NY 10013

MOCA is grateful to the Wells Fargo Foundation and the J.T. Tai & Co. Foundation for generously supporting MOCACREATE and other educational programs.


Pin Power: Celebrating APA Heritage!

Sat. May 6 & Sat. May 20, 2017 | 1pm - 4pm

Wear your APA pride on your sleeve, jacket, or backpack! Using MOCA’s collection as your inspiration, create a personalized button that celebrates the awesome contributions of Asian Pacific Americans and wear it all year round.


Dim Sum Decorations

Sat. Jun 17, 2017 | 1pm - 4pm

Wear your APA pride on your sleeve, jacket, or backpack! Using MOCA’s collection as your inspiration, create a personalized button that celebrates the awesome contributions of Asian Pacific Americans and wear it all year round.


Culinary Sculptures
Sat. Apr 15, 2017 | 1pm - 4pm

Inspired by the ceramics art of Heidi Lau and Lu Zhang in Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy, create your own three-dimensional sculptures to capture some of your favorite foods and flavors. Use cardboard, plastic, paper, foam, and other materials to make representations of the foods that you and your family love to eat.


Celebrate Qing Ming + Welcome Spring!

Sat. Apr 1, 2017 | 1pm - 4pm

Qing Ming is a day for remembering the past. Families go to the grave sites of their ancestors and honor them by hosting elaborate picnics. Mold clay people, tea eggs, drum sticks, oranges, almond cookies, and more to create your very own Qing Ming picnic scene. Then celebrate the new beginnings of spring by making decorative pinwheels and other seasonal paper crafts.


Farm Fresh Fun
Sat. Mar 4 & Sat. Mar 18, 2017 | 1pm - 4pm

Many of the chef’s from Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy use fresh vegetables from their personal gardens in their dishes. You can too! Plant your own herb plants, and watch them grow. Decorate planters with cellophane, ribbon, and embellishments to house them in style.


What’s Cooking? 
Sat. Feb 4 & Sat. Feb 18, 2017 | 1pm - 4pm

Dream up and draw an illustrated menu of family recipes and your own culinary creations to share with friends and family. Using pastels, collage paper, and 3-D elements, design the menu for your own themed restaurant. Don’t forget to cook up a signature dish!


Lunar New Year Museum Makover!

Sat. Jan 7 & Sat. Jan 21, 2017 | 1pm - 4pm

Put a spin on a MOCA tradition-- help welcome the New Year by making handmade decorations to liven up the Museum. Transform our space with colorful, food-themed creations, which will be on display through our annual Lunar New Year Family Festival!


Memorable Meals 
Sat. Dec 3 & Sat. Dec 17, 2016 l 1pm - 4pm
What three foods can you not live without? Can you share a Chinese food memory or story from your past? 

Using your answers as inspiration and a blank potholder as your canvas, record your memories with fabric paint, paint pens, felt, stamps, and more. Display and use it in your kitchen!


Sat. Nov 5 & Sat. Nov 19, 2016 l 1pm - 4pm
Sculpt, paint, and glaze a small bowl, plate, or centerpiece to eat your favorite foods! Use air-dry clay, acrylic paints, and imprints from nature to make and shape it. Tell a story with your design and share it around the Thanksgiving dinner table.


Veggie Prints
Sat. Oct 1 & Sat. Oct 15, 2016 l 1pm - 4pm

Envision your dream garden and bring it to life by creating colorful prints using okra, lotus root, celery, and more. Learn to mix paint in colors inspired by your favorite fruits and vegetables. Design a card or poster as a special reminder to eat your veggies!

*All vegetables used will be composted after the workshop. 


Behind the Seams!
Sat, Sep 3, 2016 l 1pm - 4pm
Give character to your character through costume design! Start with a sketch and then cut, construct, and embellish a costume to bring your character to life using a variety of textiles, fabrics, yarn, tissue paper, foil, and cardboard


Playful Props
Sat. Aug 6 & Sat. Aug 20 l 1pm - 4pm
Explore Set Design by Ming Cho Lee to find out how design can help tell a story. Sketch and create life size props from fabric, foam, clay, and popsicle sticks to do just that. Then use them to act out Romeo and Juliet, Carousel, or one of the other plays on display!


Make the Stage, Take the Stage!

Sat. July 2 & Sat. July 16 l 1pm - 4pm

Ming Cho Lee is famous for using geometric shapes, bold colors, collage and non-traditional materials in his sets. Experiment with paint, paper, pastels, and other mixed-media to create different versions of the same scene. What artistic choices will you make?


Lights! Camera! Design!

Sat. June 4 & Sat. June 18 l 1pm - 4pm

Go behind the scenes and explore 3-D models of Ming Cho Lee’s one of a kind set-designs! Investigate how he uses space, color, and light to tell a story. Then make your style come to life by designing a stage model of your own using cardboard, cellophane, yarn, and more. Don’t forget to make your mark on the MOCA stage.


Tote-able Quilts!
Sat. May 7 l 1pm – 4pm

Learn the basics of sewing and quilting as you design your own canvas tote bag! Inspired by a special quilt made from Chinese Garment Workers from Chinatown, we’ll also be celebrating the tremendous contributions of Asian Americans in the garment industry during May’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!


Baskets + Bracelets!

Sat. April 16 l 1pm – 4pm
Embrace Earth Day with this fun and eco-friendly workshop! Learn to transform plastic bags into awesome baskets or cool bracelets. Your usable and wearable art will be a great reminder to reuse bags or stop using plastics! You are welcome to collect and bring clean plastic bags from your home. 


Celebrate Qing Ming + Welcome Spring!

Sat, April 2 l 1pm – 4pm
Remember the past and celebrate the new beginnings of spring by creating paper crafts and spring blossoms. The Qing Ming Festival is a traditional holiday honoring ancestors and celebrating family, spring, and food! Learn unique folk traditions such as paper-crafts and folding with unique joss paper (rice and bamboo paper).


Nature Prints
Sat, March 5, 2016 l Sat, March 19, 2016

Make your very own sunlight cyanotype prints! Journey through the suburban gardens represented in our special exhibition, SUB URBANISMS (before it closes, March 27!) and use natural materials, such as leaves, ferns and flowers – even your own drawings, to create a cool print!


Museum Makeover!
Sat, Feb 6 l Monday, Feb 8** 2016
Be a part of a MOCA tradition-- help ring in the New Year by crafting your own handmade decorations to adorn the Museum. Use an assortment of supplies to transform our space with colorful creations, which will be on display through our Lunar New Year Family Festival!


What’s your Cause?
Sat, Jan 16, 2015
Using MOCA’s collection as your inspiration, learn the basics of printmaking. Create art that takes a stand and inspires others to take action!


Tiny Terrariums

Sat, Dec 5, 2015 l Sat, Dec 19, 2015
Bring the outside in by creating a one of a kind terrarium using moss, soil, clay, and more! These miniature worlds are their own ecosystem, and make the perfect gift for a friend or family member.


Chinatown Places and Spaces
Sat, Oct 3, 2015 l Sat, Oct 17, 2015
Investigate how buildings in Chinatown are more than meets the eye! Uncover their stories and construct your very own building facade out of wacky materials.


Build it Green!
Sat, Nov 7, 2015 l Sat, Nov 21, 2015
Discover new ways to make your neighborhood more eco-friendly. Put your knowledge to the test by designing your own DREAM green home or public space, while still conserving resources!


Creative Kites
Sat, Sept 5, 2015
Fly in the new school year with a one-of-a-kind kite inspired by Tyrus Wong's amazing kite collection! Let your imagination soar as you design your own paper kite!

Animate Animals!

Sat, Aug 1, 2015 

Come back in August with your masterpiece to create a digital movie! Discover how animation has changed since the making of Bambi. Create cool clay animals and bring them to life through stop motion animation.


Landscapes, Cityscapes, and Skyscapes

Sat, July 18, 2015 

What made Bambi different from other Disney films? Join us for an afternoon of painting and calligraphy as you learn about Chinese Song dynasty painting and Tyrus Wong's artistic styles. Paint the land, city, or sky - either way, you'll walk away with a watercolor masterpiece.


DIY Toys
Sat, June 6, 2015 l Sat, June 20, 2015
Design toys as gifts or for play. Come see the whimsical world of Tyrus Wong's toys in the exhibition, the Art of Tyrus Wong. Then create your very own toy using recycled materials, paint, clay and more.


Storytime with Puppets
Sat, May 2, 2015 l Sat, May 16, 2015

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! Celebrate the awesome contributions of Asian Pacific Americans through storytelling, puppetry, and art. Listen to inspiring stories in our galleries through MOCA's Puppet Theater and then create your very own puppet!


Dabble in Drawing
Sat, April 4, 2015 l Sat, April 18, 2015
Explore the Art of Tyrus Wong by learning drawing techniques used in his portraits. Sketch and shade your way to new artistic heights!


Magnificent Mobiles
Sat, March 7, 2015 l Sat, March 21, 2015

Celebrate the coming of spring by making a hanging mobile! Create cool shapes with clay, textiles, and photographs inspired by our Core Exhibition. Afterwards, go on a gallery hunt to find the photos!


Museum Makeover!
Sat, Feb 7, 2015 l Sat, Feb 21, 2015
Stop by MOCA for an inter-generational Lunar New Year decorating bonanza! Help us ring in the New Year by crafting your own handmade decorations to adorn the Museum. Use an assortment of supplies to transform our space with colorful creations, which will be on display in our Cultural Programs Center through our Lunar New Year Family Festival!


Terrific Time Capsules
Sat, Jan 3, 2015 l Sat, Jan 17, 2015
Take a bit of the present and preserve it for the future by creating a personalized time capsule! Store photos, letters, and objects that are important to you, then seal it shut and open it in 5 years to see what's changed.

Fujianese Folk Art
Sat, Dec 6, 2014 l Sat, Dec 20, 2014
Learn about Fujianese folk art and the art of paper folding from sculptures in our Waves of Identity exhibition. Create your own or collaborate with others to make colorful paper creations!