Join us for a fun afternoon of art-making for all ages!                       Every 1st & 3rd Saturday from 2-5pm

Come paint, build, craft, or collage – use familiar materials, or experiment with new! Inspired by the museum’s exhibitions and local artists, MOCACREATE explores different themes every month. Free with Museum admission! 

NEW TIME: Starting on Sat, Oct 19, MOCACREATE will take place from 2pm - 5pm every 1st & 3rd Saturday!

    Upcoming MOCACREATE Workshops

MOCACREATE: Cut, Paste, Decorate!

Sat, Oct 19 | 2pm - 5pm
MOCA’s newest exhibition, Gathering, shows how different organizations collect and share Chinese American history. Create a mixed-media collage that tells your life story—include moments or objects that are important to you like your favorite stuffed animal, your first day of school, your birthday or favorite holiday, or a trip you took.


MOCACREATE: Found Sculptures: Transforming the Everyday!

Sat, Nov 2 & Sat, Nov 16 | 2pm - 5pm
Sculptor Jerome Seu found inspiration for his creations at his family’s grocery store. He turned old wooden crates into remarkable works of art. Transform every day and found objects into unique sculptures that share the stories of what they were and what they’ve become.


MOCACREATE: Time Capsules & Treasure Keepers

Sat, Dec 7 & Sat, Dec 21 | 2pm - 5pm
Why do we collect and save objects? Consider this as you look at objects from our Gathering exhibit that are up to 125 years old. Then, take a bit of the present and preserve it for the future by creating a personalized time capsule! Bring it home and store photos, letters, and objects that are important to you, then seal it shut and open it in 5 years to see what's changed.

MOCACREATE: New Year, New Me

Sat, Jan 4 | 2pm - 5pm
Imagine yourself a year later at the end of 2020. Do you look different? Has anything in your life changed? Do you own something new? Have you done something that you’ve never done before? Make a 2-D or 3-D self-portrait that represents the “new you”!


MOCACREATE: Lunar New Year Museum Makeover

Sat, Jan 18 | 2pm - 5pm
Put a spin on a MOCA tradition! Help welcome the New Year by making handmade decorations to liven up the Museum. Transform our space with colorful creations, which will be on display through our annual Lunar New Year Family Festival!


Lunar New Year Family Festival | Sat, Feb 1

10am - 1pm (morning session)

2pm - 5pm (afternoon session)

Click here for more information!

MOCACREATE: What’s Cookin’?

Sat, Feb 15 | 2pm - 5pm
The Mai Wah Society’s Chinn family owned and operated the Mai Wah Noodle Parlor in Butte, MT for almost 40 years. Not only was it a place to share a meal, it was also an important community gathering place. If you ran a restaurant in your neighborhood, what would you serve? Using colored pencils, yarn, and washi tape, dream up and draw an illustrated menu of family recipes and your own culinary creations to share with friends and family.




Access Families
MOCACREATE welcomes families and children with developmental or learning disabilities and those on the autism spectrum. Children and adults with a range of abilities and learning styles can enjoy multisensory workshops that include tactile opportunities and art-making activities. For more information about Access + Accessibility, please click here.

Supplies generously donated by our friendly neighbors at Blick Art Materials - SOHO
148 Lafayette Street | New York, NY 10013

MOCA is grateful to the J.T. Tai & Co. Foundation for generously supporting MOCACREATE and other educational programs.


MOCACREATE: Neighborhood Sounds
Sat, Sep 21 | 1pm - 4pm
Did you hear that? That’s the sound of a broom sweeping, a dog barking, and a basketball bouncing, all mixed together. What are the sounds of your neighborhood? Join us for a sound walk and art making inspired by the soundscapes of our streets.


MOCACREATE: Awesome Album Art

Sat, Aug 3 & Sat, Aug 17 | 1pm - 4pm

What makes an album cover pop? Create your very own album art using collage techniques and colorful materials. Draw inspiration from the Xerox art of musicians from The Moon Represents My Heart to create an album cover that suits your unique style.


MOCACREATE: Playful Percussion!

Sat, Jul 6 & Sat, Jul 20 | 1pm - 4pm

Using everyday materials such as plastic spoons, popsicle sticks, and coffee tins, create and decorate your own hand percussion instruments—drums, shakers, and more! Then, practice keeping the beat with your funky new creations.


MOCACREATE: Musical Moods
Sat, Jun 1 | 1pm - 4pm

How does music affect our moods? Let’s find out! Experiment with light, texture, and color to build a unique 3-D listening space together inspired by the music label Mood Hut, featured in The Moon Represents My Heart special exhibition.


MOCACREATE: Celebrating APA Heritage!

Sat, May 4 & Sat, May 18 | 1pm - 4pm

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! Learn about awe-inspiring Asian Pacific Americans across the generations. Then decorate a mixed-media portrait in honor of them and your personal heroes.


MOCACREATE: Celebrate Qing Ming & Welcome Spring!

Sat, Apr 6 | 1pm - 4pm
Qing Ming is a day for remembering the past. Families go to the grave sites of their ancestors and honor them by hosting elaborate picnics. Mold clay people, tea eggs, drum sticks, oranges, almond cookies, and more to create your very own Qing Ming picnic scene. Then celebrate the new beginnings of spring by making pinwheels and other seasonal paper crafts!

MOCACREATE: Earth Day Fun!

Sat, Apr 20 | 1pm - 4pm &Tue, Apr 23 | 2pm – 4pm

Embrace Earth Day with this fun and eco-friendly workshop! Create DIY seed balls--a fun and easy tool for replanting native flora that protects seeds from the elements as they start to grow. You'll also use recycled materials to create your own fun, colorful butterflies!


MOCACREATE: Tinker with … Typewriters!

Sat, Mar 2 & Sat, Mar 16| 1pm - 4pm
How do you create a typewriter for a language with no alphabet? Look to Radical Machines for inspiring answers to this question. As you learn about the product design process, come up with your own linguistic invention made of cardboard, duct tape, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and more. Display your one-of-a-kind invention side by side with others!


MOCACREATE: Hot off the Press!

Sat, Jan 5 & Sat, Jan 19| 1pm - 4pm
Before the printing press, books were made using block printing, a technique invented during the Tang Dynasty. Experiment with block printing, stamping, and other printing methods to create your own personalized stamp. Use this stamp to sign your future works of art!

MOCACREATE: LNY Museum Makeover

Sat, Feb 2| 1pm - 4pm
Put a spin on a MOCA tradition-- help welcome the New Year by making handmade decorations to liven up the Museum. Transform our space with colorful creations, which will be on display through our annual Lunar New Year Family Festival!


MOCACREATE: Imagining Chinatown: Mosaics

Sat, Dec 1 & Sat, Dec 15 | 1pm - 4pm
Our favorite places can say a lot about us! Design a one-of-a-kind mosaic inspired by your favorite indoor spaces in Chinatown– your house, your school, your local dim sum restaurant, or any other place that's special to you.


MOCACREATE: Code Breakers

Sat, Nov 3 & Sat, Nov 17 | 1pm - 4pm
See how Chinese language messages were translated into Morse code in our Radical Machines exhibit, then make your own translations with a secret decoder ring! Learn how to encode letters and words to transmit news—but only to those you trust the most!


MOCACREATE: Mindfulness Glitter Jars

Sat, Oct 6 & Sat, Oct 20 | 1pm - 4pm

Lost your fidget spinner? Sick of slime? Customize your own glitter jar with your choice of colors and objects. As the glitter swirls and settles, cultivate your own sense of calm in your home or classroom.


MOCACREATE: Healing Herbs & Budding Botanicals

Sat, Sep 1 & Sat, Sep 15 | 1pm - 4pm
See and smell herbs commonly used in Chinese medicine as you practice grinding them with a mortar and pestle. Then, design your own colorful herb planter and plant real seeds inside!