On January 23, 2020 a fire destroyed the iconic building at 70 Mulberry street in the heart of Manhattan’s Chinatown.  The building was also home to MOCA’s collections and research center, where the entirety of our 85,000+ archives were stored. Fortunately the fire never reached our archives but the thousands of gallons of water needed to put out the flames did.  Initially we feared that everything was lost but with the guidance, support, and aid of several New York City agencies and over 400 volunteers—MOCA  was able to recover 95% of the archives; we estimate that over 85% of the Collections will need restoration.  The materials, which have been professionally dried, will be housed and cared for at the MOCA Workshop, our newly renovated collections and research center located at 3 Howard Street.

Be Part of the Post-Fire Conservation: Adopt a Piece of Chinese-American's History

Help preserve Chinese American’s historical treasures by adopting an item from the Museum of Chinese in American Collections that were retrieved from the 5-alarm fire. Choose from a selection of MOCA’s artifacts, photographs, textiles, signages, instruments, furniture, art pieces, documents, books, and newspapers that are in a state of fragile, damage, or disrepair. With your donation, the item you adopted will receive professional conservation treatment, and will be restored to its utmost condition and well-preserved for the future.

Your support will be credited on display label at the exhibition and noted in archival catalog. Your name will also appear on this webpage. If you prefer to be anonymous, please let us know, and we will not show your name. MOCA’ mission is to preserve and present Chinese American history, and your support is very important.