Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong martial artist, actor, singer, stuntman, and international pop culture phenomenon. Since the 1960s, Chan has appeared in over 150 films and is one of the most recognizable stars in the world. Born Chan Kong-sang in 1954, Chan earned the childhood nickname of “Pao-pao” (cannonball) for his energetic antics. He began appearing in films at five years old, and by 17 he was working as a stuntman for Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon. Chan has said that he created his on-screen persona, from personality to martial arts style, to contrast Lee’s. Chan cemented his place in the action comedy genre in the 1980s, becoming a Hollywood superstar with his first blockbuster success, Rush Hour (1998).

In 2003, Chan founded his own film production company in order to have more control over his roles and the filmmaking process. Over the span of his film career, Chan has experimented with drama and villain roles alongside his classic action comedy roles. Chan’s stardom is literally cemented on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and all over global popular culture. In 2000, MOCA honored Jackie Chan at its Annual Legacy Awards Gala.