Jay Chou is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, record and film producer, director, and actor. He released his first album titled Jay in 2000 at the age of 21. While the album was well received it wasn’t until a year later when he released his sophomore album “Fantasy,” that he became a bona fide star. At the time, his music was dramatically different than the other types of mainstream mandarin pop; including themes and his vocal delivery. To date he has released 14 albums.

With his huge following in Asia it would come as no surprise that Hollywood would try to tap into his popularity. Chou would make his Hollywood debut in 2011 in the modern day remake of “The Green Hornet,” where he played Kato (a role formerly played by Bruce Lee in the 1960s Television iteration) costarring alongside Seth Rogan’s Green Hornet. The movie was panned by critics but ultimately made a profit. While Chou has never been tapped to play another major role, he has made an appearance in 2016’s “Now You See Me 2.”