Dr. Liang Shao, a clinical psychologist at New York City hospitals, honors the volunteers who flew in to help with the emergency situation in New York caused by the Covid-19 pandemic through a poem he composed. The poem, titled “The Love of Angels,” expresses his deep gratitude to the volunteers in a moment of solidarity during the fight against Covid-19.

The Love of Angels

You have gone today,
Perhaps you will come again;
In New York’s twilight, you arrive in a hurry,
Against New York’s dusk, you quietly depart.

We cannot see your face,
But we can see your shining eyes;
We cannot understand the cadence of
the respirator,
But we can hear your faint sigh.

Every screech of the emergency alarm,
We see your determined face,
Every time we wake,
Your fatigued silhouette disappears in the corridor.

You’re the silent hero in our minds,
You’re the gentle angel in our hearts,
Your composed conviction, your thanksgiving and guardianship,
In the darkness, you held my hand for eternity.

You’re the twilight on the horizon,
You are New York’s hope,
Because of you, the virus cannot run rampant,
Because of you, life is endowed with light.