Mooie Eng was born in 1916 in Guangdong, China. She immigrated to the U.S. and attended college at Ohio State, graduating in 1941. She then became the first Chinese RN to work for the Community Service Society (CSS), a private agency in New York City staffed by social workers and public health nurses. CSS was founded in 1843 to tackle issues of systemic poverty in New York City. During her tenure at CSS, Eng helped create access to vital health services within the Chinese American community. She was instrumental in assisting many “war brides” following World War II who were hindered in seeking healthcare by language barriers and unfamiliarity with the health system. In the 1960s, she helped found the Chinatown Planning Council (CPC), which is still active today under the name Chinese American Planning Council. She passed away in January of 2016. Featured are historical photographs and bilingual health pamphlets documenting Eng’s work as a registered nurse at the Community Service Society, donated to MOCA by Mooie Eng herself in 1994.