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The spirit and excitement of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month is blooming in New York City. MOCA celebrates Pride Month with our annual PRIDE MIXER. Amidst a backdrop of increased attacks against members of the LGBTQIA+ community, particularly through legislation and physical violence targeting trans and BIPOC individuals, MOCA seeks to spotlight the power and resilience of the community and its allies. Utilizing the Museum as a safe space for queer joy is now more necessary than ever.

While we acknowledge every individual’s uniqueness and their ability to wield tremendous power when united with others, we invite you to join us for a celebratory evening featuring a slaying drag performance by Vanity LaVain (@thevanitylavain), a contemporary dance performance by Shannon Yu 余香儒 (@hsiangru.yu), a hilarious stand-up comedy set by Patricia Dinglasan (@patriciadinglasancomedy) and music by DJ hunnycut (@hunnycut.ny). Enjoy MOCA’s exhibitions as you catch up with friends, make new connections over drinks, and dance to an ecstatic dance set! The event will also feature a delicious tasting of Two Rabbits Ice Cream created by chef Simpson Wong and his partner Dr. Henry Wu.

About Vanity LaVain

About Shannon Yu 余香儒

Shannon Yu 余香儒(sha/shas) is a Lenapehoking (Brooklyn, New York) based artist from Taiwan. Sha holds an MFA in Performance and Performance Studies from Pratt Institute. Shannon identifies as a dancer-choreographer and queer-creator. Shannon practices Breaking, Hip Hop, Contemporary floorwork, and Wing Tsun Martial Arts. Shannon is the founder and Artistic Director of multimedia dance company SHA Creative Outlet and was named 2023 Asian American Arts Alliance’s Jadin Wong Fellow for Dance.

About Patricia Dinglasan

Patricia Dinglasan is a Filipino-American comedian performing all over NYC including New York Comedy Club, Stand Up NY and West Side Comedy Club and corporate events for Amazon and Yahoo. She has appeared on Cash Cab, The Style Network, and Buzzfeed. Patricia is also the founder of Banana Ketchup, a comedy show with Filipino Flavor that produced the first ever Filipino Comedy Festival and is cited as an upcoming comedian in the SAGE Encyclopedia for Filipina/x/o American Studies.

About hunnycut

hunnycut is here to make you dance. bringing bouncy beats and some heavy bass for girls, theys, & gays. a recent addition to baaahs station‘s dj lineup, they’re all about the kind of house music that honors its history, born from Black excellence and queer resistance.

About Two Rabbits Ice Cream

The chef Simpson Wong, left, and Dr. Henry Wu, are partners in life who created their ice cream project, Two Rabbits. Photo by Emon Hassan for The New York Times.

Two Rabbits is the world’s first health-promoting ice cream, invented by Dr. Henry Wu and perfected by chef Simpson Wong. This one-of-a-kind ice cream is enriched with vital polyunsaturated fats known as omega-3. Unlike the bad saturated fats found in traditional ice cream, polyunsaturated omega-3 fats have many documented health benefits. Based on cutting-edge nutritional science, Two Rabbits is specially formulated to enhance the absorption of these good fats into the body. Its unique blend of whey protein and collagen imparts a texture that is as creamy as ordinary ice cream and yet can rejuvenate your heart and blood vessels, help build muscles, promote glowing skin and hair, and even elevate your mood. This guilt-free treat promises to blow your mind, not your arteries.

June 27, 2024
7:00 pm – 9:30 pm