Submissions are now closed. Final decision will be announced in mid-September, 2023.


The Museum of Chinese in America is pleased to announce its inaugural Performing-Artist-in-Residence Program. This residency program will invite a cohort of 5 performing artists to individually generate ONE theme-based new project, by utilizing the resources and collections at MOCA. Throughout the residency, artists will be invited to participate in a 2-week long intensive workshop and will be required to give 2 work-in-progress presentations to the public, one in November, and the other in February.



  • Provide space and support for performing artists to generate a new work
  • Create space for organic artistic sharing and collaboration
  • Incubate discourse and community engagement around new ideas and artistic expression
  • Encourage artists to take creative risks, while nurturing a safe space for constructive feedback
  • Celebrate diversity in artistic expression


The Past in the Present 過去的現在式

How do our past and tradition shape who we are and how we artistically express ourselves today? What is the legacy that you are carrying on, and how? MOCA encourages applicant artists to reflect upon their roots, the past and the tradition through your five senses to create a project that speaks to who we are today.


October 1st, 2023 – February 29th, 2024



  • Each selected artist will receive $3,000 honorarium
  • Access to available rehearsal spaces at MOCA
  • Access to MOCA’s archive and collection
  • Consultation with MOCA’s staff
  • Additional financial support to the work-in-progress presentations

Open to all Performing Artists

  • Disciplines include but not limited to dance, music, theatre, performance art, spoken words and film
  • Artists self-identify as Asian/Chinese American or Asian/Chinese immigrant with a goal of continuing their career in the United States
  • Artists must be a resident in New York City metropolitan area
  • Artists must be 25 or over and cannot enroll in any degree program of any kind
  • Both traditional and contemporary performing arts are welcome


Submissions are due by August 1st, 2023 at 11:59 P.M. EST. All applicants will be notified by mid-September. Residencies will begin in October, 2023.



  • Selected artists are required to create a new project at MOCA during the agreed upon residency timeframe. The new project does not have to be fully developed at the end of the residency.
  • Selected artists are required to participate the 2-weeks long intensive workshop and to lead a workshop session on the subject of their choice.
  • Selected artists are required to meet at least once per month for a check-in session with the director of performance, storytelling & community during residency.
  • Selected artists are required to present their work-in-progress project to public twice during residency, one in November and the other in January. A talkback session will be scheduled following the presentation.


  • Application Information
  • Application Materials
  • Artist Statement (required, 250 words max.)
    • A short concise statement giving an overview of your artistic practice. This should be a brief introduction to ideas, themes and methods in your practice.
  • Cultural Statement (required, 250 words max.)
    • A short concise statement giving an overview of the cultural impact in your practice. Describe what cultural or historical context that inspires you as a performing artist, and how your body of work responds to it.
  • Project Statement (required, 400 words max.)
    • A concise statement giving a clear concept for the project you are hoping to generate based on the theme, and how MOCA’s collection and resources will be helpful for the project. Describe how you will utilize your time during residency.
  • Workshop Leader Proposal (required)
    • Thinking about the theme and about my artistic practice, I would like to discuss/lead or see a panel on/share my artistic practice that I find useful: (150 words max)
    • I would like to share my knowledge about certain artistic practices and techniques: (150 words max)
    • In addition, I would like to explore this part of history: (150 words max)
  • CV/Resume
  • Work Sample
    • Up to 5 images / up to 3 songs (the length of each song cannot exceed 3 minutes) / up to 10 minutes of show recording (can’t submit show trailers) / up to 10 pages of writing sample. (100MB Max)


Please contact Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li at