Lucy Kan was a Treasurer for 30 years in a professional IT related services and management consulting firm which provided information technology services to various Federal government agencies. This firm was founded by her husband Victor Kan. They have both since retired. Both Victor and Lucy have been the general partners for the past 28 years of the Kan Family Investment, L.P. Over the past 11 years, they have focused on their philanthropic role with the Kan Family Charitable Fund. In that capacity, they are dedicated to help the Asian American nonprofits that provide social services to the community, and the Asian American nonprofits in the performing arts, of which they serve on the board of Pan Asian Repertory Theatre, and major funder of the National Asian Artists Project. Asian American storytelling through the performing arts is one way to get mainstream to know about our culture.

Victor and Lucy have three adult children and nine grandchildren. They have brought all of their young grandchildren to experience MOCA whenever they visit the city over the years. They feel that the museum mission goes along with their vision of a place where young Chinese-Americans, whether they are born here, in the mainland, Taiwan, or other countries, but still consider themselves Chinese or part Chinese, can come to this place to explore and get inspired by those who came before them. MOCA is a museum for all people to learn about the history and contributions of the Chinese-Americans over the years, especially those from NYC Chinatown. Even though they are based in Virginia, NYC has a special meaning for Lucy and Victor, they have made connections to many Chinese-Americans who came from so many different parts of the world, and a diverse group of Asian-Americans!